Posted on by Anna Malenkina

  1. Work with a quick dry glue. If you change your 2-3 second glue to a 1 second glue, you can cut you extension time down by 30-40 minutes.
  2. 📍2) Use a humidifier. This will also cut down the time needed for drying and allow you to place lashes more quicker.
  3. Prepare your tools before the procedure and place them on a station next to you. This will eliminate additional time being used during your appointment to get up and retrieve them.
  4. Keep your materials close to you. Placing lashes and glue next to you will also save time. Using lash plates and glue rings are a great idea to save your time.
  5. Practice every day!! If you don’t have a client use a model. Practicing as much as possible will allow you to become faster and eventually be able to take more clients on in a single day.
‼️Remember that speeding up your total time shouldn’t decrease your quality of work!‼️