Posted on by Anna Malenkina

In majority of times our clients don't know anything about eyelash extensions or their applying procedure, they just love how they look when the procedure is done.

Talk to your clients as much as you can, share your knowledge about lashes with them. This will not only give them more understanding about lashes, but also will help to gain their trust in you as an artist. It also is a great way how to pass the time during the procedure.

What can you tell your clients?


  • Explain to them the growth cycle of lashes. The majority of clients don't know this and it will eliminate the question if eyelash extensions can damage your natural lashes.


  • As your client is lying with her eyes closed and has no clue what you are doing with your sharp tweezers, explain to her the procedure that you are performing. 


  • Tell your client how to take care of their lashes, when eyelash refill needs to be done and why it is necessary.